Leaders in Supply Chain newsletter

Sean was recently invited to speak at the Leaders in Supply Chain executive briefing in London on the subject of how the new technological innovations will impact the shape and structure of the supply chain of the future. The Leaders in Supply Chain newsletter contains an abstract of that session, which I thought would be… [ Read more ]

‘Transition Point!’ – pre-order the books on Pubslush!

Mankind is at the point of transition. The very nature of work and society is changing. The Industrial Age has ended. Our evolution is now tied to technology and how we respond to it. If you have sat through Sean’s award winning ‘Transformers: Supply Chain 3.0‘ presentation, you will know that he is passionately banging… [ Read more ]

Measuring what matters

Metrics are a funny thing.  They are the way we keep score, the way we determine whether we are winning, the way we identify whether we are making progress. Yet continually, when I work with organisations, I find that they do no such thing.  Instead they are used to defend positions, shift blame, protect status… [ Read more ]

See Sean present! Videos of both presentations delivered in Istanbul, 2014 added to YouTube.

Just a brief note to point out the fact that the two sessions I delivered in Istanbul in May 2014 were recorded, and are now available to view on YouTube: The first session was on Value Chain Segmentation using SCOR and M4SC:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZbGGj30HMk The last keynote session was on the award winning ‘Transformers: Supply Chain… [ Read more ]

Integrated Supply Chain 2014 – Istanbul

Just back from a very interesting 3 days in Istanbul, where I was very pleased to be asked to speak at the first Turkish Integrated Supply Chain conference at the Hilton Bomonti conference centre.  http://integratedsupplychain.org/istanbul-2014/en/ Delivered two sessions during the event, the first of which was on Value Chain Segmentation using SCOR and the M4SC… [ Read more ]

New Edition of ‘Ensuring ROI from ERP’ White Paper

Back in 2011 I published a White Paper on ‘Ensuring ROI from ERP’ which discussed why the anticipated returns from technical and process investments are often underachieved, why two organisations investing in the same technology can have wildly differing results, why achieving a high return on corporate investment in business transformation initiatives, especially those involving technology,… [ Read more ]

Integrated Supply Chain 2013 review in Logistics Business Magazine

The Integrated Supply Chain 2013 – London conference that Sean Chaired was recently featured in the November copy of ‘Logistics Business Magazine’, and features an overview of a couple of the sessions that Sean delivered. The below link takes you to this magazine’s overview of the ISC 2013 event and Sean’s sessions: Logistics Business Magazine… [ Read more ]

Leading Through Engagement – new article published in The World Financial Review

Sean Culey’s latest article was published in the prestigious World Financial Review magazine on 01 February 2014.    In this article, Sean discusses both the opportunities and risks facing Africa’s business leaders, and lays down a challenge that he hopes will inspire them to develop inclusive, exciting companies that in turn create an inclusive and exciting economic future… [ Read more ]

IT – Business Enabler or another Functional Silo?

As an advisor and consultant to numerous businesses on implementing and maximising the value of their ERP investments, one of the more worrying facets of engagements I’ve witnessed over the last 20 years has been the increasing inability of business people, especially those from the Supply Chain, to engage, affect and influence the utilisation or… [ Read more ]

The Rise and Fall of a Retail Empire?

I was lucky enough to fit in a week’s vacation over the summer, which we spent exploring the rich tapestry of history that is Rome.  Now as I’m sure you all know, Rome was, for a while, the centre of the world – first, literally, as the hub of the Roman Empire, and second culturally,… [ Read more ]